Grains and greens

17 Feb 2010

My family had made a wonderful buckwheat and pasta dish, so when we came across this recipe, we had to try it.  Our version had spinach, pasta, rice, barley, and greenmarket Italian sweet sausage. Read the rest of this entry »

Layers of mushroom, spinach, cheesy goodness

28 Jan 2010

ib didn’t think he really liked lasagne! I proved him wrong!  We used our greenmarket spinach, mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella, and spicy Merguez lamb sausage to pull together a rich and zippy version of white lasagne.  Along side, we roasted some greenmarket carrots to perfection.

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Spinach and cheese strata

16 Jan 2010

Of course, it was only after slaving away New Year’s Day morning, trying to prepare for our brunch (with lw‘s help), that we noticed Smitten Kitchen’s advice on how to host brunch (and still sleep in).  While that post was no longer of any use to us (for the time being), we were fascinated by SK’s new favorite egg dish, the spinach and cheese strata.  We figured that preparing it Saturday night was a perfect, hassle-free way to get started on a busy Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

Ahh, salad

07 Jan 2010

After all those Indian leftovers, we were feeling like a light, refreshing dinner.  With the last of the carrots and celery as well as everything-bagel-croutons and leftover goat cheese we managed to work in a few more New Year’s leftovers as well.

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housewarming spinach dip

10 Aug 2009
Spinach Dip

this was a party-snack hit!  while it made it a bit stringier, some fresh mozzarella really added a nice richness to the dish.  the cayenne pepper was also key.  check out the original inspiration here.

Curry: potatoes, spinach, and chickpeas

10 Aug 2009
Potato, spinach, garbanzo bean curry

Potato, spinach, chickpea curry

the goal: use up last week’s CSA spinach and potatoes.

the result: delicious curry!

ib found this recipe on epicurious and we made a double recipe with only minimal modifications (a little less broth; a little more spinach; and 1 T garam masala).