A feeble attempt at fideua

13 Dec 2010

Inspired by the prospect of fresh seafood at the greenmarket and a free evening for making dinner, we decided to try our hands at some fideua—Catalan pasta with shellfish, similar to the Spanish paella.  We found this recipe that seemed simple enough, and though the blogger wasn’t a fan of Bittman as we usually are, we decided to give it a try.

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Fun veggie dishes

09 Feb 2010

As we were about to just throw together something, we realized that we could combine a couple of fun “first course” dishes that didn’t seem like too much work: fingerling potatoes with carrots and rutabagas.  The vegetables were just boiled so all the deliciousness came from the greenmarket veggies themselves and the little touches in the sauces.

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Summer Soup

09 Jul 2009

20090709-DSC_0233We had CSA zucchini coming out our ears.  This turned out to be a fantastic preparation.

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