I love ramp!

21 Apr 2010

We went to the Greenmarket and they (finally!) had ramp.  I bought 4 bunches.  The first recipe we made with this new bounty (our first to come back to) was ramp pesto.  The original recipe came from epicurious, where it was paired with salmon.  We found blackfish (aka tautog) at the Greenmarket that looked meaty and irresistibly delicious.  It only came in double the portion we wanted, but we still couldn’t say no…hopefully we’ll enjoy the leftovers.  The fish was described as firm and very flavorful, and somewhat sweet, so we hoped it would stand up well to our tangy ramp pesto.  As for the 4 bunches of ramp, we decided to turn it all to pesto for some leftovers for later in the year and to be sure to not let any go bad! Read the rest of this entry »