Olive pesto on pasta, with fresh bread

02 Jun 2011

Nothing prepared me for this. Not the fact that dsd had already made this once, and raved about it convincingly. Not even the fact that she graciously gave me some leftovers, which, when I ate them two days later, were delicious. No, I admit I was unprepared. I admit I thought of olives as lovely but limited — fantastic with the right cheese, or on their own, or even in a loaf, but nothing more, right? …Wrong. This pesto is easy and remarkably creamy and delicious. (Oh, and also, I had it with my first successful loaf of bread; that helps, too.)

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Smoked salmon and pasta salad

05 Jan 2011

I could invent some sort of rationale for having made this meal—minimalism, balance, a focus on good ingredients—but, honestly, I just came across the recipe and found it irresistible.  I was sold on smoked salmon and al dente pasta.  Pulling this salad together, flavor-wise, proved challenging, but ultimately rewarding, once we hit the right balance.

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A feeble attempt at fideua

13 Dec 2010

Inspired by the prospect of fresh seafood at the greenmarket and a free evening for making dinner, we decided to try our hands at some fideua—Catalan pasta with shellfish, similar to the Spanish paella.  We found this recipe that seemed simple enough, and though the blogger wasn’t a fan of Bittman as we usually are, we decided to give it a try.

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I love ramp!

21 Apr 2010

We went to the Greenmarket and they (finally!) had ramp.  I bought 4 bunches.  The first recipe we made with this new bounty (our first to come back to) was ramp pesto.  The original recipe came from epicurious, where it was paired with salmon.  We found blackfish (aka tautog) at the Greenmarket that looked meaty and irresistibly delicious.  It only came in double the portion we wanted, but we still couldn’t say no…hopefully we’ll enjoy the leftovers.  The fish was described as firm and very flavorful, and somewhat sweet, so we hoped it would stand up well to our tangy ramp pesto.  As for the 4 bunches of ramp, we decided to turn it all to pesto for some leftovers for later in the year and to be sure to not let any go bad! Read the rest of this entry »

Grains and greens

17 Feb 2010

My family had made a wonderful buckwheat and pasta dish, so when we came across this recipe, we had to try it.  Our version had spinach, pasta, rice, barley, and greenmarket Italian sweet sausage. Read the rest of this entry »

Italian basics

10 Feb 2010

Ever since this Smitten Kitchen post, we’ve been looking forward to a night of pasta with tomato sauce for its rave reviews and absolute simplicity (3 ingredients, no prep work!).  Since no dinner could be quite that simple, we experimented with a calamari appetizer as well.

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Master Pasta Maker

30 Jan 2010

We had the great fortune of having mjw join us for dinner.  This seemed like the perfect occasion to make something a bit more involved—ravioli was the perfect adventure.  Turns out mjw is a natural at the pasta making!  Going with a very seasonally appropriate recipe, we stuffed the ravioli with mashed parsnip and topped it with a mushroom ragoût and added a side salad.  As this was a long process, we tried out pkf‘s suggested polenta fries with our leftover polenta.

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