Indian Daal and Sweet Potatoes

05 Jan 2010

Inspired by a Bittman piece on dal in the Times, we couldn’t resist—and we found ourselves with more than we’d bargained for!  I thought we needed something besides dal for dinner (I didn’t know what I was thinking, I hadn’t tried this dal before!) so we looked up recipes that use sweet potatoes, since that was really the only other thing we had on hand, and ended up with some tasty curried sweet potato.

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We heart beets

10 Sep 2009

20090909-DSC_0199Inspired by some beet risotto recipes, we threw together a hearty, fall, one-pot-meal.

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Couscous and egg salad lunch

14 Aug 2009

Couscous with vegetables

I work from home sometimes, and when I don’t have leftovers from lunch, it seems silly to run out for some kind of sandwich—especially when there are minimal prep time ingredients around.

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