Turkey leftovers, reinvented via garlic sauce

03 Dec 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our Violet Hill turkey was wonderful…it almost seemed too easy…and we’ll post more on our Thanksgiving food adventures soon.  But for now, here’s just a surprisingly easy and delicious leftover-turkey solution: Chinese garlic turkey, bok choi, and red pepper.

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06 Jul 2010

The CSA this week brought a whole bunch of exciting new things, including a pound of squash; we decided to switch it up and take the pattypan (flat-shaped) squash, for some added excitement.  After seeing a zucchini tart recipe with ricotta cheese, I was really thinking that the squash-ricotta combination would be perfect, especially on a hot day like today.  Aside from using the pattypan like any other squash, I wasn’t sure what to do with it.  A quick google search revealed the exciting opportunities for stuffed squash, but I couldn’t find exactly what I had in mind (ricotta, but not all mushy  cheese filling).  This didn’t stop us.  We pulled together our mental picture as best we could, and turned out a pleasing pattypan preparation.

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