Ahh, salad

07 Jan 2010

After all those Indian leftovers, we were feeling like a light, refreshing dinner.  With the last of the carrots and celery as well as everything-bagel-croutons and leftover goat cheese we managed to work in a few more New Year’s leftovers as well.

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Celery root bisque with croutons

09 Nov 2009

Celery root bisque with croutonsWe needed to find a good use for our CSA celery root (celeriac), so we found this recipe for a pureed celery root and potato bisque.  With home-made croutons and buckwheat kasha, it was a great meal.

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Summer Soup

09 Jul 2009

20090709-DSC_0233We had CSA zucchini coming out our ears.  This turned out to be a fantastic preparation.

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