Olive pesto on pasta, with fresh bread

02 Jun 2011

Nothing prepared me for this. Not the fact that dsd had already made this once, and raved about it convincingly. Not even the fact that she graciously gave me some leftovers, which, when I ate them two days later, were delicious. No, I admit I was unprepared. I admit I thought of olives as lovely but limited — fantastic with the right cheese, or on their own, or even in a loaf, but nothing more, right? …Wrong. This pesto is easy and remarkably creamy and delicious. (Oh, and also, I had it with my first successful loaf of bread; that helps, too.)

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Fall tomato soup + grilled cheese sandwiches

16 Nov 2009

The fresh heirloom tomatoes at the USQ farmers’ market were irrisistable—time for some always satisfying tomato soup with grilled cheese.

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Leftover lettuce

18 Jul 2009

20090718-DSC_0109We found ib‘s new favorite recipe!

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Summer Soup

09 Jul 2009

20090709-DSC_0233We had CSA zucchini coming out our ears.  This turned out to be a fantastic preparation.

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