Fall bounty

13 Dec 2010

As a Halloween baby, it figures that I own pumpkin cookware such as a pumpkin-shaped spatula and cookie cutters…but now I get to add a pumpkin pot to the list! A Le Creuset pumpkin pot!  This turned into a delicious fall meal: pot pie and a collard green salad!

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Veggie pasta

13 Jan 2010

The theme for everyone post-holidays seems to be veggies-veggies-veggies!  In that same vein, we picked up a bunch of veggies that we like and turned them into a satisfying pasta dinner.

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Meatballs turned fancy

17 Nov 2009

We were inspired by a NYTimes recipe and our huge CSA share of collards…and a small craving for meat =)

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Curry, part II: potato, collards, and chickpeas

04 Nov 2009

20091103-DSC_0036With more potatoes as well as collards begging to be eaten, we came back to this tasty and satisfying curry.  Served with the great Kasteel beer this was delicious!

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Kabocha and collards curry

01 Oct 2009

Kabocha and collards curry

Turns out kabocha squash gets its Asian name for a reason (Japanese for pumpkin).   We found it delicious, especially when farm fresh and mixed with other fall vegetables in a rich green curry.

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