Fat Tuesday jambalaya

17 Feb 2010

Inspired by todays Mardi Gras festivities, we decided to try our hands at jambalaya even though neither of us are sure we’ve tried the real thing before.  Needless to say, some recipes we found made it sound delicious.  We pulled together our jambalaya from a mixture of recipes, using one mostly for its seasoning suggestions, since we didn’t have “Creole seasoning”, and the other more for its simplified procedure.

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Chicken tortilla soup

19 Jan 2010

ib claimed he might be coming down with something, but that was just an excuse to make this spicy and immensely delicious soup.  The recipe is one of dsd‘s signature dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

Cooked Radishes?

02 Jun 2009

20090602-DSC_0182I was inspired to try lightly sauteed radishes with some of our first CSA batch of radishes.  Following a fajita-like recipe, we added white cheddar and avocado to make warm yet refreshing tacos.

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