Veggie pasta

13 Jan 2010

The theme for everyone post-holidays seems to be veggies-veggies-veggies!  In that same vein, we picked up a bunch of veggies that we like and turned them into a satisfying pasta dinner.

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Indian Daal and Sweet Potatoes

05 Jan 2010

Inspired by a Bittman piece on dal in the Times, we couldn’t resist—and we found ourselves with more than we’d bargained for!  I thought we needed something besides dal for dinner (I didn’t know what I was thinking, I hadn’t tried this dal before!) so we looked up recipes that use sweet potatoes, since that was really the only other thing we had on hand, and ended up with some tasty curried sweet potato.

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Farmer’s market carbonara

13 Nov 2009

Turns out we could pull together a pretty standard carbonara (with CSA broccoli standing in for peas) as a simple weeknight meal—one made fantastic with the farmer’s market bacon and pasture eggs. Read the rest of this entry »

Broccoli, mushroom, cheese quiche

07 Nov 2009

QuicheMy first quiche was a broccoli and cheese quiche, which we named “Quiche à la Woman on the Upper West Side”—after a kind woman who helped us out in the store, and wrote out a quiche recipe for us while waiting in line.  This quiche used CSA broccoli and Union Square Greenmarket mushrooms.

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More po-tay-toh

05 Nov 2009

20091104-DSC_9305We had plenty of potatoes to eat for the week (2 pounds each!) so we went for the pure and simple baked potato.  We steamed CSA broccoli and melted cheddar and jarlsberg cheeses for a rich and satisfying topping.  ib was even so wonderful as to start everything cooking so we could practically sit and eat when I got in.  With fresh bread and more jarlsberg on the side this was a perfect weeknight meal!