Turkey leftovers, reinvented via garlic sauce

03 Dec 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our Violet Hill turkey was wonderful…it almost seemed too easy…and we’ll post more on our Thanksgiving food adventures soon.  But for now, here’s just a surprisingly easy and delicious leftover-turkey solution: Chinese garlic turkey, bok choi, and red pepper.

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Chicken tortilla soup

19 Jan 2010

ib claimed he might be coming down with something, but that was just an excuse to make this spicy and immensely delicious soup.  The recipe is one of dsd‘s signature dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

Pizza leftover-bagels

05 Jan 2010

The best part about making all of that wonderful brunch food is enjoying the leftovers for the entire next week.  Especially the bagels, which we enjoyed in epic pizza bagel fashion.

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Tortilla…the spanish kind

02 Dec 2009

Based on Bittman’s recipe for Spanish tortilla (and a small misread of the fritatta recipe), we threw together a simple eggs-for-dinner meal.  We sauteed sliced CSA potatoes with s&p and then onion, orange bell pepper, mushrooms, and CSA garlic.  We were out of olive oil so substituted peanut oil with good success.  These veggies were mixed with 6 beaten eggs and < 1/2 C parmesan cheese (from the fritatta recipe, but worked really well here).  After a few minutes on the stove and ~10 minutes in a 375oC oven, the tortilla was cooked and delicious.  Next time, some fresh herbs might brighten things up a bit, but you really can’t fail with this standard tortilla recipe.

Fried Rice

03 Sep 2009


Turns out we had lots of green vegetables to use up…that all go wonderfully in fried rice.  AND, this was the first round of fried rice where my cast iron wok worked as intended — no sticking eggs or veggies or rice and no need for tons of oil or butter — Success!

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Tomatillo Time

19 Aug 2009

20090819-DSC_0097We received our first CSA tomatillos and all I could think of was fresh tomatillo salsa.  With CSA green peppers and Essex Market fresh fava beans, we had ourselves fresh and tasty tacos.

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Pasta in Purple Sauce

16 Aug 2009

To use up the veggies we had, we threw together pasta with white sauce and CSA scallions, violet islander peppers, and beet greens as well as garlic and peas to round it out.  After sauteing the peppers separately, we started the butter, scallions, and garlic to make the roux.  The beet greens, peas, and cooked peppers were added to the sauce and it was finished with some white pepper, salt, and CSA summer savory.