Happy Cinco de Mayo!

05 May 2010

dsd‘s lovely eggs over easy, ib-cooked beans, spicy salsa cut with tomato paste, and sour cream.  An efficient and happy Cinco de Mayo morning.  This actually went really well with Harney and Sons’ Matsuda’s Sencha green tea.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!


Oven fries with simple chili

22 Feb 2010

It was going to take way too long to make one of my favorite soups, so, tonight, to use up some of the many beginning-to-sprout potatoes, we made oven fries that had recently been featured in the Times.  We made a simple tomato and bean chili as a dipping sauce, and, for good measure, melted some leftover Havarti and Jarlsberg cheeses. Read the rest of this entry »

Chicken tortilla soup

19 Jan 2010

ib claimed he might be coming down with something, but that was just an excuse to make this spicy and immensely delicious soup.  The recipe is one of dsd‘s signature dishes. Read the rest of this entry »

Quick & easy beans and rice

12 Jan 2010

With a long week of late days, we resorted to food from the cupboards so beans & rice it is.

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Ahh, salad

07 Jan 2010

After all those Indian leftovers, we were feeling like a light, refreshing dinner.  With the last of the carrots and celery as well as everything-bagel-croutons and leftover goat cheese we managed to work in a few more New Year’s leftovers as well.

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Tomatillo Time

19 Aug 2009

20090819-DSC_0097We received our first CSA tomatillos and all I could think of was fresh tomatillo salsa.  With CSA green peppers and Essex Market fresh fava beans, we had ourselves fresh and tasty tacos.

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