Pasta with cheese+pepper, pea salad

15 Feb 2010

I’m a sucker for minimalist recipes (and Mark Bittman’s Minimalist column), and I couldn’t pass up a recipe that emphasized good, al dente pasta.  So, I loaded up on some 100% durum wheat semolina spaghetti, and prepared to make Smitten Kitchen’s version of Mario Batali’s spaghetti with cheese and black pepper recipe.  dsd suggested I also make a salad, and I was delighted—I love side salads.  I picked a pea salad with radishes, to use up some greenmarket radishes. Read the rest of this entry »


Spicy sautéed vegetables meal

04 Feb 2010

I like meals made up of multiple components, especially ones that include a (not necessarily green) salad.  So, when I took over the cooking one evening, I was going to use our greenmarket cabbage in a fresh salad. One thing led to another, and we ended up with lightly sautéed spicy vegetables next to a simple baked tilapia fillet, with some roasted potato wedges on the side for good measure. Read the rest of this entry »

State of the Union Stroganoff

27 Jan 2010

As we’ve visited the greenmarket lately, we’ve noticed the sharp decrease in vegetable options, so much so that mushrooms have become the spotlight—3 pounds this week!  Two of them were set aside for this hearty winter Stroganoff.  We even got enough steak to use the rest of the beef in the Stroganoff as well.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything done before the State of the Union started, so there was some running back and forth between the (diagonal) kitchen and the nearest computer with a reliable Internet connection.  (What’s TV?)

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First try at steak

25 Jan 2010

Steak, from what I understand, takes practice.  Well, this was our first try.  We didn’t get the best results with our sirloin, but we did make a great side: mashed potato with turnips and pears. Read the rest of this entry »

Baked brie, glazed carrots

20 Jan 2010

A whole wheel of brie lying around in the fridge.  Lots of jams, chutneys, and preserves left over from the holidays.  Bread rapidly going stale.  Dinner on a deadline.  The obvious result of all this was baked brie.  We threw in a side of glazed carrots, for good measure. Read the rest of this entry »

Sometimes I crave mac’n’cheese

02 Dec 2009

…I mean, all the time I crave mac’n’cheese, but especially after seeing some on a menu in Wisconsin, made with Wisconsin cheese and … beer!  This sounded like an adventure not to miss, but unfortunately the restaurant was sold out so I ventured to make my own version…
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Russian dinner party

19 Nov 2009

We invited some friends over for borscht, so we had to think of some dishes to go with it—and we thought Russian.  We prepared deviled eggs, salad olivier, and hot borscht, with a simple apple-pear crisp for dessert.

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