Happy Cinco de Mayo!

05 May 2010

dsd‘s lovely eggs over easy, ib-cooked beans, spicy salsa cut with tomato paste, and sour cream.  An efficient and happy Cinco de Mayo morning.  This actually went really well with Harney and Sons’ Matsuda’s Sencha green tea.

Happy Cinco de Mayo to all!


Spinach and cheese strata

16 Jan 2010

Of course, it was only after slaving away New Year’s Day morning, trying to prepare for our brunch (with lw‘s help), that we noticed Smitten Kitchen’s advice on how to host brunch (and still sleep in).  While that post was no longer of any use to us (for the time being), we were fascinated by SK’s new favorite egg dish, the spinach and cheese strata.  We figured that preparing it Saturday night was a perfect, hassle-free way to get started on a busy Sunday. Read the rest of this entry »

Why are breakfast sandwiches SO good?

02 Jan 2010

With leftover bagels and champagne from New Year’s Day, we got to enjoy the second day of 2010 with breakfast sandwiches and mimosas.  I guess this year is off to a pretty good start…
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