Roasted beets, goat cheese, horseradish, caviar

22 Nov 2009

If you roast some beets ahead of time, this is a simple and very good appetizer.  We roasted medium-small beets in the oven, at 400 °F for 90–120 minutes, wrapped in aluminum foil.  We removed them and sliced them, and served roasted beet slices on bread, either with farmers’ market goat cheese, or with a small dollop of creamy horseradish; both were great pairings.  We also had caviar, so we put caviar (salmon roe) on buttered bread, Russian-style.  The butter balances salmon roe nicely.  Next time, we’ll see if we can use Russian black bread!


Russian dinner party

19 Nov 2009

We invited some friends over for borscht, so we had to think of some dishes to go with it—and we thought Russian.  We prepared deviled eggs, salad olivier, and hot borscht, with a simple apple-pear crisp for dessert.

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housewarming spinach dip

10 Aug 2009
Spinach Dip

this was a party-snack hit!  while it made it a bit stringier, some fresh mozzarella really added a nice richness to the dish.  the cayenne pepper was also key.  check out the original inspiration here.