Green Tacos

I was inspired to try some variation of the raw squash recipes that I’ve been seeing lately.  I decided that this might make a good filling for a tortilla, so we ran with it, and now all we can think about is when we’ll make these again!

The tortillas were started first, actually using frozen dough balls from the freezer.  We just microwaved them for 30 seconds and let them sit out while preparing everything else.  The balls were still cold, but not frozen, when we rolled them out and it actually worked very well.  Unfortunately, we haven’t posted on our homemade tortillas yet, but we’ve started making them more frequently, simply following recipes like this.

Meanwhile, I started the “salsa” with a little marinade base:

     ~3 tbsp olive oil
     juice from half a lime
     spices, including cumin seeds, ground coriander, black pepper, and salt

Next I cut up the fresh ingredients and tossed them into the marinade:

     2/3 lb summer squash (we used part of a large zucchini)
     1/3 lb cucumber (we used two boothby blondes)
     1 pepper (we used a green-colored mild pepper)
     1/4 cup fresh herbs (we used basil)

I wanted small pieces, but strips seemed more appropriate than dice, so I used the mandoline and some chopping to get 1-2″ julienned strips of the squash and cucumber.  I diced the pepper and basil.  Interestingly, I used the basil mostly because we had lots around this week, but it turned out to be a really nice flavor in the mixture. I would definitely use basil again, but in its absence I would still try to add some fresh herbs—they add a brightness to the veggies.  All of this was mixed together and let sit while the tortillas were cooked and the other ingredients prepared.

We heated up some leftover white bean “pate” and pulled out some lettuce, sour cream, and green hot sauce to turn these into tacos.  Our tortillas were a bit big for traditional tacos, and I think that they wouldn’t have been so messy as smaller tacos, but they were still tasty and refreshing.  The beans added a hint of richness, and this could be an interesting place for black bean “pate”, but definitely not work the effort to make just for this.  These tacos would work fine without any beans, too.  The filling was really nice and refreshing, and could definitely be modified to accommodate other raw veggies like bell peppers, carrots, or even something like fennel.  As I mentioned before, the fresh herbs seemed really important, too — we’re looking forward to trying this recipe again with next week’s CSA cilantro.


One Response to Green Tacos

  1. pfoo says:

    Wow — sounds delicious! You two blow me away with your culinary adventurousness (is that a word?).

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