Green Tacos

09 Jul 2011

I was inspired to try some variation of the raw squash recipes that I’ve been seeing lately.  I decided that this might make a good filling for a tortilla, so we ran with it, and now all we can think about is when we’ll make these again!

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Spring Greens New Ways

06 Jul 2011

Well it’s definitely lettuce season again.  The CSA has been supplying us with about three heads a week, and well, there are only so many salads a person can eat.  So, we were inspired to try something new…lettuce soup. Even after reading though several recipes and many rave reviews, it was still hard to imagine exactly what we were in for.  We hedged our bets by making some white bean “pate” spread to have with our CSA escarole and fresh bread, alongside.  Even with the successful soup, this stole all our attention.  Please try it!

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