Saag paneer and roti

Now that the market is booming with fresh greens, we could take advantage of our frozen paneer and emerging Indian-bread-making skills for this delicious dinner.  The saag paneer came together through our own inspiration.  We decided to try roti as well, after really enjoying our homemade aloo paratha.
The saag paneer was started by frying cubed paneer (two bricks thawed from frozen) in a little ghee, and removing them to sit until the saag was complete.

Then a base was  prepared from a can of tomato sauce, a small diced onion, a little serrano pepper, and a bunch of Indian spices.  I used a tablespoon or two of fresh ground cumin, coriander, and mustard seed (black for some heat), as well as about a tablespoon each of tumeric and garam masala.  This cooked together until the onions were soft, adding some water to keep the mixture saucy.

For the greens, we used a big bag of spinach and a bunch of mustard greens (hence the saag part), all chopped pretty finely.  They were mixed into the sauce until wilted.  Then the heat was turned off and the paneer was mixed in well to try to absorb any remaining liquid.  In the end it needed more seasoning (maybe more spice from the beginning next time), but I added more garam masala and a dash of cayanne, as well as a good pinch of salt.  The greens were fully wilted, but they still tasted fresh, and we had lots of paneer to give the dish a hearty flavor, too.

For the roti, we mixed together 2C flour with 4 tsp oil and then with 3/4 C warm water, and let the dough sit while we started the saag paneer.  Then it was divided into 12 balls, and each were rolled out into an ~6″ circle.  They were fried in a small fry pan with a little ghee added each time, flipping a few times, just as we had done for the aloo paratha.  They turned out very nice, but some of the ones cooked on too high heat became a bit crispy, so beware.

Eating the saag paneer with the roti was perfect to sop up all of the juicy flavors.  We didn’t even miss having rice or other dishes.  And with the big bag of spinach and all of the paneer, this recipe easily feeds four.


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