Squash spaetzle with friends

There’s nothing better than a casual plan to make dinner with friends that turns into a creative and fantastic meal! We were inspired by se‘s need for pre-race carbs, my random suggestion to use squash puree, and our friends’ spaetzle-maker.

We decided to put the squash puree right into the spaetzle. se mixed them up, using eggs, squash puree, and flour, with no need for extra water; then, he showed us that we have to dip the spaetzle-maker directly into the boiling water.

We made the sauce starting with caramelized onions, then we sauteed mushrooms, and finally added in some chopped spinach and hazelnuts just before taking it off the heat. We rounded out the sauce with a little white wine and a bunch of cream and tossed it together with the spaetzle. After mixing it together, I realized the sauce would have coated the noodles well even with less cream, but as bm says, “when do you ever have too much cream?” Unfortunately, the spaetzle didn’t take on a very noticeable squash flavor, but I did think that they had a really nice texture. Maybe if we roasted the squash next time we could concentrate the flavor?

The spaetzle soaked up the sauce nicely and the touch of spinach provided beautiful color to the dish. The hazelnuts provided a key richness to the sauce that worked very nicely with the hint of squash flavor. We topped the dish with just a touch of parmesan (pecorino would also be good, adding a little more saltiness) and nutmeg. What a great way to pack in the veggies and create a satisfying pasta dish at the same time!


One Response to Squash spaetzle with friends

  1. bm says:

    Hooray! My favorite food-blog is back! Suggestion for next home made pasta dinner: ricotta-ramp-ravioli or triple R. bm

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