The after-holidays salads begin…

…and not a moment too soon!  After weeks of continuous (albeit delicious) holiday eating, we were in the mood for a salad.  With lots of work to be done as we get back into the swing of things, we wanted a hearty one with some protein.  And since I much prefer salads with a theme, I did some recipe searching to come up with some inspiration.  We ended up with a curried cauliflower, radicchio, and lentil salad, roughly inspired by this post.  It was perfect!

We started by roasting cauliflower florets with olive oil as well as coriander and yellow mustard seeds, which took ~40 minutes.  We also prepared a curry vinaigrette similar to the recipe we found, using garlic, ginger, oil, white wine vinegar, hot Indian curry powder, and some brown sugar, and let that sit while the cauliflower roasted.  On the side, we prepared 1 C black beluga lentils (possibly our new favorite lentil for their looks, texture, and taste!) by simmering them in 1 1/2 C water for ~15 minutes.

The cauliflower and lentils were mixed with almost one head of chopped radicchio and maybe 1/2 C split cashews.  The roasted mustard and coriander seeds were added to the dressing and mashed a bit, and the dressing was mixed in.  I liked my salad on a radicchio leaf and topped with a few more cashews.  It turned out rich and tangy, with a refreshing bitterness from the radicchio.  I think it could have been spicier (it wasn’t hot at all), so next time I would add more than a tsp of hot curry powder (maybe 2 tsp?) to the dressing.


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