Happy 2011!

According to Russian astrology, this is the year of the white rabbit—a year for tranquility and cherishing time with friends.  Thus, we spent our time with close friends, sharing reflections, hopes, and general merriment.  We went to a lovely New Years Day brunch with plentiful scones, quiche, lox, and more…  Setting out to contribute something dessert-y, we started 2011 with the adventure of trying our hands at a tarte tatin.

This came from more smitten kitchen inspiration after a quick search for a good way to keep trying to use up the apples in our fridge.  We followed the recipe just as suggested, though I made the pastry dough by hand—creating slightly larger lumps of butter that I tried to work in the dough by a little “kneading” that is suggested to create flaky layers of butter in the dough—which worked just fine.  I possibly let the caramelization go just a little too long, leading to a little bit of burnt caramel in the middle of the tart, though no one complained.  Aside from needing a trustworthy pan and a good eye for caramelizing sugar, this recipe is surprisingly easy for the impressive dessert produced.  We look forward to perfecting this recipe in the year to come.

It turned out to be a great find, and a tasty treat for 1.1.11—hopefully a good sign for this year!  Happy New Year!


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