Bulgur lentil “risotto”

In the interest of experimenting, we pulled together dinner from the few ingredients we had left in the apartment.  ib was on top of making some fresh bread, but we wanted to use up some Swiss chard as well.  After thinking about the delicious kale-lentil pasta that we often rave about, we decided to try a variation on the theme, using bulgur and chard.

I’ve been excited about using more types of grains more often, especially since we now have barley, buckwheat, bulgur, and more in our small cupboard.  I especially like the flavor and texture of bulgur and thought it would go well with lentils.  We roasted some coriander seeds and mashed them up slightly.  The barley was browned slightly in the pan, in a little olive oil, and then the broth, bay leaves, mashed coriander, and black beluga lentils were added.  In total we added just over 2 C broth.  Toward the end of cooking, the chard was ripped up small and added to the mixture.  On the side we caramelized some onions.

Though the lentils turned the whole dish dark, the dish required two pans instead of the three needed for the pasta version.  In this dish, the flavor and texture were great and really highlighted the delicious caramelized onions.  Overall, it was tasty and a great way to sneak in more vitamins and whole grains!


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