Chilaquiles and spicy martinis

As we told abbex, our favorite cooking experiences are those we’ve shared with others.  So, the minute they suggested making chilaquiles and experimenting with martinis, we knew it was shaping up to be a great evening.  And it didn’t disappoint—the chilaquiles were delicious and easy (they’ll likely become a staple for us); and just as importantly, they paired beautifully with a spicy cocktail and great company.

We set out to re-create the chilaquiles abbex had eaten at a restaurant, but after looking at recipes online, we settled on a hybrid approach: we would make our own tomatillo salsa and add black beans, but we bought pre-made tortilla chips for the base (instead of frying tortillas in a pan).

While cooking, we started experimenting with some spicy tequila “martinis.”  al muddled diced jalapeños and cucumbers with a little sugar.  That was added to half a lime and some tequila and served in salt rimmed martini glasses.  The cucumber added a cool contrast to the hot jalapeños, and the cocktails set up an unconventional dinner pairing where the drink held the spice instead of the entree.

We got to christen abbex‘s wedding-gift Le Creuset pot in making the tomatillo sauce.  We husked and washed 8 tomatillos, cubed half a white onion, crushed four garlic cloves, and stemmed one jalapeño pepper, and put all those in a pot, with water to cover.  We simmered these together for about 15 minutes.  Then, we drained some of the water, retaining enough to make 4 C salsa in the blender.  This salsa was then cooked down slightly in the Le Creuset while we whisked up two eggs.  Then the exciting part…add the eggs to the salsa in a stream to make fine threads.  Finally the drained black beans and tortilla chips (about 3/4 of a bag of restaurant style chips) were added and everything was cooked together until the chips were nicely softened and coated with the salsa.

Meanwhile, abl made a great rendition of Dominican fried cheese, using some frying cheese coated in corn starch.  They were the perfect snack as we did our cooking.

After our cheese appetizer and a few sips of our spicy martinis, the rich chilequiles tasted just perfect, especially topped with some queso fresco, sour cream, sliced onion, and tortilla chips.  abbex thought these might have even been better than the ones they had at a restaurant, and we all thought that the spicy martinis paired perfectly with the meal.  They even look more delicious than the photos convey =)



One Response to Chilaquiles and spicy martinis

  1. Abby says:

    yay! We had so much fun making dinner with you! It was a fun, adventurous, delicious experience. Thank you for the challenge and inspiration, and above all, for your company. Happy cooking! Love, Abbex.

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