Pumpkin stuffing-stuffed peppers

That’s right, more Thanksgiving leftovers and crazy ideas …but to be fair, we did end up with almost a whole “pumpkin” full of pumpkin stuffing.   In actuality, these were really just green peppers with a wintery wild rice stuffing, but it’s more fun to think that we re-stuffed the leftovers.

It all came from some wild rice stuffing with celery, mushrooms, hazelnuts, walnuts, and lots of seasonings (and probably other stuff I’m forgetting at the moment).  It was intended for baking inside a pumpkin cavity…but since I made 2.5 C dry wild rice (yielding ~8 C cooked wild rice), and we ended up making stuffing with all of it, we ended up with waaay more stuffing than would fit inside one or even TWO pumpkins.  So, it’s a good thing that my mom gave me a pumpkin Dutch oven recently to come to the rescue!  And it was prettymuch this whole pot of “stuffing” that we ended up with.  What better to do with this stuffing than to give it a second chance as stuffing?

Starting with two green bell peppers, halved lengthwise and cleaned out, we broiled them upside down ~15 min until they started to brown.  Then we flipped them over as we finished assembling our upgraded stuffing:  We sauteed some leftover portabello mushrooms until soft and then added some canned chickpeas to crisp them up a bit.  Maybe there wasn’t quite enough oil or heat, but they didn’t get very crispy, though the insides got wonderfully soft.  Then we added in the stuffing v. 1.0, and the precious turkey neck meat, and heated it all until warm.  This got stuffed into the roasted pepper halves, topped with a sprinkle of white pepper, and broiled just until the tops got a little crispy.  Maybe 5 minutes.

Too bad I don’t have cooked wild rice around all the time to make such quick stuffed peppers!


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