Turkey leftovers, reinvented via garlic sauce

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Our Violet Hill turkey was wonderful…it almost seemed too easy…and we’ll post more on our Thanksgiving food adventures soon.  But for now, here’s just a surprisingly easy and delicious leftover-turkey solution: Chinese garlic turkey, bok choi, and red pepper.

While we thought the idea of a turkey stir-fry by itself didn’t seem like a good idea, garlic sauce sounded bold and creamy enough to work.  After a quick search, it turns out that garlic sauce is quite easy to make, provided you have a bulb of garlic.  Thanks to our CSA remnants, we had just that.  4 medium sized cloves in some peanut oil started off the garlic sauce.  Other than that, it was mostly just equal parts soy sauce and mirin (rice wine) added in as the veggies cooked (maybe 1/4 C each used overall, since it reduces as the veggies cook).  The sauce was finished off by adding a bit of water with cornstarch and cooking until it thickened.  We used red bell pepper, bok choi, and canned straw mushrooms along with the shredded turkey leftovers.  It was served over white rice and topped with a little cilantro.  Ultimately, a surprisingly good and fulfilling dish, and not just because it’s so different from everything else Thanksgiving-leftover related.


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