ok, okra

Turns out that the USq Farmers’ Market is totally different on Fridays than on Saturdays, which means I lucked out with some new, exciting veggies.  Including okra!  They looked so beautiful in their little baskets, I just couldn’t resist taking one home.  And I had in mind a really simple preparation with all the focus on the okra.  The closest I found in my initial searching was this.  While I would tweak it if I came across fresh okra again, it was a great start and resulted in perfectly cooked and flavored okra!

It started by steaming the okra in 2 T water with tumeric and cayanne for seasoning.  A whole 1/2 tsp of each, in fact.  And I think they were too spicy for this, so next time I would do maybe 1/4 tsp, at least to start.  This was super easy and resulted in nicely cooked okra.  I did cheat and stir the okra a few times which I think was good for even cooking, at least in the pan I was using.

Then I removed the okra and used the pan to saute the onion, garlic, and red pepper flakes.  Again, it was quite spicy overall, but I think I would cut out the cayenne before the pepper flakes for both flavor and texture reasons.  For this I used one small spring onion and two cloves spring garlic, both from the farmers’ market as well.  Next time I would definitely up the garlic …not sure if it was because it was spring garlic or because I just didn’t use enough.

Then I tossed in the okra and let it brown slightly.  It looked absolutely amazing.  And it tasted so too! (except, as I mentioned before, about it being a bit too spicy for my taste).  I wanted the focus to be a little more on the okra, which I think garlic would have done better than spice.
Oh, and Mom, they weren’t slimy at all!


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