spring CSA stir-fry

We set out to stir-fry up our head of CSA Chinese cabbage and ended up adding a bunch of CSA vegetables for a fun flavor combination.  The stir-fry itself was pretty straightforward, but the veggies added a nice new twist.

We started with some eggs scrambled with a bit of soy sauce and set aside until the end.  Then we sauteed up some diced CSA garlic scapes in oil, sesame oil, rooster sauce, and a bit of soy sauce.  Then we added the Chinese cabbage along with some canned water chestnuts and straw mushrooms.  Finally we threw in the small CSA radishes, whole with just the tails trimmed off, and simmered the whole thing with some rice vinegar.

We added back the eggs and tossed everything together with some cooked soba noodles.  The flavor was never exactly right to me, but I couldn’t figure out what it was missing.  Regardless, this was probably my favorite use for these tiny radishes since the stir-fry warmed them just slightly without sacrificing any of their strong flavor!


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