Pineapple shrimp with bok choi

With our first CSA bok choi of the season, we found a fun and simple recipe with shrimp and pineapple.  Unfortunately we got full-grown bok choi, not the baby version, but we sliced it up and tried out this recipe anyway.

We started by stir-frying some Trader Joe’s frozen shrimp (thawed briefly, but not completely) with grated frozen ginger, diced garlic, and some red pepper flakes.  Then we fried up the bok choi.  Finally we added back the shrimp along with some cubed pineapple and the glaze (soy sauce, rice vinegar, honey, cornstarch, and sesame oil).  We heated it all together and then served it over some white jasmine rice.  The glaze didn’t thicken too much, but it was just enough sauce to coat the rice nicely.  I didn’t measure the red pepper flakes at the beginning and/or maybe we like it hot, but we added in a bit of rooster sauce at the end to up the spice just a tad.

While this dish didn’t highlight the bok choi as much as I had hoped (maybe we just added in too much pineapple?), it was a really fun recipe with a nice mix of flavors.  Next time, we would cut the pineapple a bit smaller, and maybe add a bit more bok choi, but the flavor was great.

And the rest of the pineapple goes on the grill tomorrow =)  …to be continued…


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