Welcome back CSA!

Today marked the beginning of the 2010 CSA season!  We picked up our share of a whole bunch of leafy green things and are now preparing for lots of salads!  To kick things off, we decided to also make some tomato soup (and as a good excuse to use some of the cans of crushed tomatoes sitting around in the cupboard).

The tomato soup recipe we decided to follow was quite simple.  We used shallots instead of onion and 1 and a half bell peppers instead of the carrots.  We also omitted the thyme, opting to use some of our fresh oregano at the end instead.  And instead of 6 C broth, we used 4 C veggie broth and 2 C water.  This all cooked together beautifully.  It isn’t a crazy-flavored soup, just a simple creamy tomato flavor.  The fresh oregano gave it a nice pop at the end.  We didn’t use any heavy cream but added a few croutons and I added a little bit of feta cheese (which was good, but not necessary).

The croutons came from ib‘s simple use of stale bread with some olive oil and herbs.  We grated some parmesan cheese onto half, but in the end both types were delicious.  They baked at 350 for around 15 minutes.

The salad came from a mix of red leaf lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, arugula, mizuna, sliced radishes, and fried chickpeas.  We used a simple vinaigrette on top along with some feta cheese and croutons.  The salad could have used more radishes, but unfortunately our bunch this week was pretty small.  The greens themselves came together very nicely, with the strong flavors of arugula and mizuna popping out but not totally taking over this simple salad.

Next time I think it could handle some more exciting flavors… like nuts and apples? Or portabellos, as I found suggested in another recipe?  Good thing we have lots more greens to enjoy =)


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