Steak tacos

While looking for pork for a completely unrelated burrito recipe, a farmer at the greenmarket suggested we try some thinly sliced beef steak sheets in our next recipe.  We finally got around to trying these out along with some fresh veggie “salsa” and black beans.

The sheets were sliced very thin and separated by sheets of butcher paper.  We threw them onto the hot pan one or two at a time until they were warm and browned (and also delicately falling apart as we tried to flip or remove them!).

Meanwhile, I mixed together some veggies for a nice salad/salsa to complement the simple beef.  We diced up bell and cubanelle peppers, some not-so-spicy jalapeños, cilantro, and threw in some corn.  The whole thing was finished off with some lime zest and a little shake of cayanne pepper (the jalapeños really weren’t very spicy).

Alongside, ib softened some onion and added a can of drained black beans.  These were seasoned with coriander.

We warmed the tacos over an open flame for a minute, as usual.  My tacos (beef, salsa, sour cream, and an extra squirt of lime) were delicious alongside the black beans…and definitely better than ib‘s tacos (with the beans inside)…but however you do it, the product was simple and thin-sliced steak created a wonderful texture for these small tacos.  Next time we might try to figure out a seasoning for the beef without needing to thaw these thin sheets prior to cooking (maybe by throwing some dry spices into the pan?).


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