The Last of the Ramps

We got lucky and there were still some ramps at the greenmarket last weekend…not from the usual stand, but they still looked pretty decent.  We picked up 3 small-ish bunches that all went into this delicious pasta carbonara.  We debated how to best use the last of our ramps along with the greenmarket oyster mushrooms we had on hand.  We considered ramps in stir-fry or curry (e.g. this epicurious recipe) or in some sort of egg dish (e.g. strata or quiche) as recommended at the mushroom stand, but we kept coming back to pasta, so eggy pasta carbonara seemed like the perfect choice.

We sliced up some Violet Hill Farm bacon to saute with the white and green parts of the ramps.  We added some sliced oyster mushrooms after a few minutes. Meanwhile we cooked up spaghetti.  We tossed this with 3 beaten eggs until the egg looked cooked onto the pasta.  Then we tossed in the sliced ramp tops to wilt from the warm pasta.  Finally, this was tossed with the ramp, bacon, oyster mushroom saute and topped off with a bit of Ronnybrook cream and some fresh-ground black pepper.

This turned out wonderfully! For all the ramps we used, the flavor wasn’t super intense, but that might have more to do with the end of the ramp season than the preparation.  The oyster mushrooms were also nice in flavor and texture, but a bit more subtle than the ramp and especially bacon flavors in the dish.  We would maybe use a bit less bacon next time so we can feature the other flavors a bit more.  We didn’t end up putting in any cheese either, and we didn’t miss it.


One Response to The Last of the Ramps

  1. Elin says:

    Looks delicious…but the photo in the red bowl is fantastic!

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