Last Minute Squid with Vodka Sauce

So we had grand plans of making this beautiful asparagus dish along with some squid and potatoes; however, we forgot the asparagus =(  So, as a last-minute solution to eating up the greenmarket squid that we bought on Saturday, we decided to saute it alongside some timeless vodka sauce.

The vodka sauce followed the standard ib recipe with a slight twist.  This time we used 4 large shallots sliced the long way, a 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes, some red pepper flakes and a dash of white pepper to season, and maybe a half cup of sour cream — with, of course, the stick of butter (well only 5 T this time) and vodka (1/2 C).  The sour cream turned out to be a totally acceptable cream substitute in this recipe…good to know!  And—again—of course, we served it on top of penne pasta.

The squid were simply sauteed in the rest of the stick of butter (3 T) and  a dash of red pepper flakes, stirring until soft and some of the liquid evaporated…maybe 5 minutes?  So simple.  So good.


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