Easiest Flat-Bread Pizza Ever

With a last-minute plan to have some people over, and some Lavash (flat bread/pita/wrap things) leftover, I looked for an appetizer that would use the Lavash.  This led me to a random website, suggesting I could turn this into a flatbread pizza.  It sounded so wonderful that I picked up (or had around) all the suggested ingredients: feta, spinach, mushrooms, artichokes, olives, and parmesan.  I also added some herbs on top: marjoram, thyme, and red pepper flakes.

I cut into the bread, as suggested, which was a really nice touch for breaking apart individual pieces once it was cooked—it was like making crostini without all the work of make each one individually.  I didn’t load up the pizzas too heavily, but a couple of them still ended up soft (not crispy) in the middle, just to beware.  I cooked them on my pizza stone, and 350 seemed to be a good temperature.

I think that the parmesan worked very well on top and that mozarella might have been a bit heavy.  The feta added a pretty intense salty twang, so don’t add too much!  And these definitely seem amenable to any variety of toppings…maybe even a easier/quicker breakfast pizza…

I also made a pizza for lunch after totally falling in love with these. I loaded it up much more with spinach and added some chickpeas as well.  I’m not sure how the chickpeas would fare on the more sparsely-topped variety, but they added a nutty richness to my lunch version.  I also added sundried tomatoes instead of the artichokes which worked quite nicely.  This was a super easy thing to pull together for ending up with something so warm and fresh-tasting.

(Sorry for the lack of photos, I guess these were too delicious to stick around long enough for a photo op.)


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