Oven fries with simple chili

It was going to take way too long to make one of my favorite soups, so, tonight, to use up some of the many beginning-to-sprout potatoes, we made oven fries that had recently been featured in the Times.  We made a simple tomato and bean chili as a dipping sauce, and, for good measure, melted some leftover Havarti and Jarlsberg cheeses.

The fries were ultra-simple, and low in oil and salt.  We cut up four or five russet potatoes into wedges, tossed them with ~2 tbsp oil and a little salt, and spread them out on foil on a baking dish that had been pre-warmed.  We put the wedges in the oven at 450 ºF for 25 minutes, dislodged and flipped them (the spatula was annoying, so ib did it mostly by hand), and put them in for another 5 minutes.  They came out well, and weren’t too heavy.

For the chili, we sautéed one onion in some olive oil and red pepper flakes.  We added two cans of tomato sauce and one can of black beans, rinsed, and slowly simmered for ~20 minutes.  We added paprika and a little chili powder as well as some salt and pepper.  The chili wasn’t too thick — it felt like a meal but wasn’t too rich.

The cheese sauce was a mixture of Jarlsberg and plain Havarti.  We added a little butter and milk and microwaved to melt the cheese, but we microwaved too long and the cheeses separated.  We used a food processor to emulsify it again, which worked pretty well for keeping it all together.


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