Comfort mac’n’cheese and greens

Well, it was just one of those days and mac’n’cheese was the perfect solution.  After searching several recipes for something simple and comforting, we landed on Martha Stewart of all people, referenced by both Smitten Kitchen and the NYTimes.  I’ve also been craving green vegetables like crazy lately—I guess the effects of trying to eat seasonally appropriate vegetables—so we had some leftover sauteed greens on the side.

For the macaroni and cheese, we started with a standard roux and added in edam, aged gruyere, and white cheddar cheeses.  We also added a little parmesan to the cheese mix as well as to the breadcrumbs for the topping.  The recipe suggested baking for 30 minutes uncovered and the final dish was beautifully golden.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much sauciness left and much of the cheese had baked into the noodles or onto the bottom of the pan—I guess maybe it baked a bit too long or too hot?  It didn’t have exactly the richness I was looking for, but many would probably like that this was a bit less overwhelming.  However, when I had leftovers for lunch, I liked it much better, whether from reheating or from having more reasonable expectations, so I’d it was a success overall.  The edam was very nice in the dish, but the cheddar was really important for pulling it all together.  One of these days I will actually follow the cheese suggestions for a particular mac’n’cheese recipe…

To get some greens in, we sauteed up some leftover spinach and kale and added in some snow peas.  Nothing incredible but a good foil to the mac’n’cheese.


One Response to Comfort mac’n’cheese and greens

  1. Shannon says:

    I was beginning to get concerned that I had not seen mac and cheese on this thing anywhere! I’m glad to see it, proof that D is still D!

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