Experimental green curry

With a bit of a cold the last few days, I was really in the mood for something spicy to clear me up.  So, I looked for something that would use some of our fresh veggies and still be spicy.  Unfortunately, the first things that come to mind when you think mushroom, leek, and potato are not at all spicy!  I convinced ib to try these in a coconut curry sauce and he suggested green over red curry—and somehow we actually made something quite delicious.

Starting with lightly sauteed leeks, mushrooms, and garlic, we added the cubed potatoes, some chopped cilantro, a can of coconut milk, some leftover homemade chicken broth, and maybe a cup of water.  I added in maybe 2 T green curry paste (from a can, which I like so much better than others I’ve tried before, and I just store what I don’t use in the freezer).  It simmered for maybe 20 minutes, until the potatoes were soft and the sauce had thickened slightly (but was still quite saucy).  We served it over jasmine rice.

The slightly sweet flavor of the leeks went very well with the green curry flavor.  I was worried that the potatoes and mushrooms would be too heavy for the green curry, and while this is definitely a bit heartier than your standard curry, it came together really nicely.  I also liked the flavor (and color) that the cilantro added.  Overall, this was actually quite delicious and I would make this again with these vegetables on hand.


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