Winter soup and winter salad

The rest of the East coast was buried in snow, so we figured we should eat something warm and satisfying as if we were caught in the snowstorm too.  As a fun variation on wild rice soup, we tried one with squash and sausage.  ib also made a wonderful salad with cabbage and raw beets that we could not get enough of.

For the soup, we roasted the butternut squash as well as a small celeriac that we’ve had around for a while.  We boiled the rice in 4 C vegetable broth, but it maybe ended up a bit soft, so we might not cook it quite so long next time.

We sautéed the onion and the second Merguez lamb sausage link (the first was in the lasagna).  Then we added frozen corn—and we should have added carrot too!  We pureed the squash and celeriac with the hand blender and added it to the soup.  It wasn’t super smooth, but by the time the soup had all cooked together the texture wasn’t a problem anymore.

We boiled the soup uncovered since we like it a bit thicker, added the rice toward the end, and finished it off with s&p and some half and half (but not nearly as much as the recipe suggested).  It turned out thick and rich, but not very bold.  We think that next time something different would make it better: carrot, leafy greens, no celeriac?  It was delicious (and really thick!) as leftovers.

The cabbage and beet slaw was prepared by combining balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and creamy horseradish in a bowl, then tossing it with grated beets and lightly-sautéed strips of cabbage (ended up being ~5 min. on medium-low heat). It was so crisp and flavorful—not to mention red and beautiful—and we couldn’t stop munching on it!  The recipe called for onions, which we omitted for dsd‘s sake, but ib thinks we could have added a little raw onion (or a little crushed walnut?).


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