Fun veggie dishes

As we were about to just throw together something, we realized that we could combine a couple of fun “first course” dishes that didn’t seem like too much work: fingerling potatoes with carrots and rutabagas.  The vegetables were just boiled so all the deliciousness came from the greenmarket veggies themselves and the little touches in the sauces.

We recently discovered how wonderful rutabagas are and wanted to try some more fun dishes with them.  This recipe simply boiled them with carrots and then braised them in butter, lemon, and honey.  Unfortunately, the rutabagas cooked faster than the carrots, following the suggested cooking instructions, so the textures weren’t quite matched; however, the flavors were wonderful and the dish had great color and aroma.

We also boiled a bag of mixed fingerling potatoes with a saffron aioli.

I used good quality saffron (that I brought back from Turkey) with bright red color and strong flavor.  The aioli would probably work as well in the future with lesser grade saffron as well.  We used good olive oil, but that probably wasn’t necessary either.  We added a little less than a clove of garlic, which seemed to be plenty.  In the end, the saffron flavor was bold and paired very nicely with the paprika (hot paprika that I brought back from Hungary).  This aioli could work with lots of things, maybe even meat, but I’m convinced that it was best with the blue potatoes!


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