Layers of mushroom, spinach, cheesy goodness

ib didn’t think he really liked lasagne! I proved him wrong!  We used our greenmarket spinach, mushrooms, ricotta, mozzarella, and spicy Merguez lamb sausage to pull together a rich and zippy version of white lasagne.  Along side, we roasted some greenmarket carrots to perfection.

We started with the filling: sautéed shallots, mushrooms, and spinach.  Then we browned the sausage, added it to the other veggies, and used the leftover grease to start the roux, which came out pretty spicy from the heat of the sausage.  We also added a bit of thyme to season it.  The fresh ricotta (~17 oz) was mixed with an egg.  The lasagne noodles were softened in some hot water for a couple minutes before we assembled the layers.

Roughly, we alternated vegetable/sausage mixture or ricotta and sliced mozzarella and topped the layers with some of the white sauce.  I intended to end with a layer of mozzarella, but forgot to add the last of the white sauce so that and some parmesan ended up on top.  It looked better than expected.  We had a fair amount of sauce, but the layers were pretty dry so most of the liquid soaked into the dish and our lasagne turned out firm and rich.  So rich that we really only had 1/6th of the lasagne for dinner! This was great because the leftovers were wonderful as well.

Along side, ib made some delicious roasted carrots.  The carrots were sliced, coated with oil and oregano, and cooked in the oven with the lasange (maybe 20 minutes?).


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