State of the Union Stroganoff

As we’ve visited the greenmarket lately, we’ve noticed the sharp decrease in vegetable options, so much so that mushrooms have become the spotlight—3 pounds this week!  Two of them were set aside for this hearty winter Stroganoff.  We even got enough steak to use the rest of the beef in the Stroganoff as well.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get everything done before the State of the Union started, so there was some running back and forth between the (diagonal) kitchen and the nearest computer with a reliable Internet connection.  (What’s TV?)

We ended up making the dish more by feel than from a recipe, so I’ll suggest a pseudo recipe for what we did:

1/3 C diced shallots
2 lbs white mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 C vegetable broth
1 T dijon mustard
1 C sour cream
dash of white pepper
< 1 lb steak

1 bag egg noodles, boiled and drained

We started off with sauteing the shallots in butter.  The mushrooms were added and cooked until reduced and their liquid mostly evaporated.  We added the veggie broth and after cooking together maybe 10 minutes, added the steak to heat through.  Then we seasoned the sauce with some dijon mustard and white pepper.  Finally, we added in the sour cream and served it over the egg noodles.
We added the steak a bit earlier than we should have—it maybe cooked a bit too much as we waited for the sauce to thicken.  Overall, the sauce ended up thick and rich and the beef still added a great dimension to the dish.

Along side, I was inspired to try to mimic the wonderful fried brussel sprouts I had in DC recently with rcf.  From maybe a half pound of brussel sprouts, I cut off the ends and pulled the outer leaves from the firmer, pale colored “core.”  Then they were simply pan fried over medium high heat in a bit of olive oil, letting the thin leaves brown.  It was stirred pretty frequently, but took much longer than I would have expected—at least 10 minutes—to thoroughly wilt and brown the sprouts.

In the end we only topped it with some fresh grated sea salt before serving.  While the seasoning was nothing exciting, the sprouts themselves were light, richly flavored, and very satisfying.  Overall, a much better success than I would have expected from this simple effort and definitely a preparation worth further consideration…


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