First try at steak

Steak, from what I understand, takes practice.  Well, this was our first try.  We didn’t get the best results with our sirloin, but we did make a great side: mashed potato with turnips and pears.

We bought two grass-fed sirloin steaks from Grazin’ Angus Acres at the USq Greenmarket.  We followed the broiler-then-oven directions found here, but we made the classic first-timer mistake: we were afraid to undercook, so we ended up overcooking.  The steak was still good, but certainly left room for improvement.

As one side, we simply sautéed white mushrooms in some butter, but we also made mashed potatoes and turnips with roasted pears (after quartering the original recipe).  ib spent some time boiling the potatoes and turnips and roasting the pears in advance.  After that, mashing and puréeing were quick.  The result was a flavorful addition to standard mashed potatoes; it went well with the steak, and stood up to re-heating.  Making the full recipe might not be such a bad idea in the future.


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