What to do with leftover buttermilk?

I had 3 cups of buttermilk left after making scones.  I could make more scones, or biscuits, or … but I’d have to bake a lot to use up 3 cups!  So, I got a little more creative (and science-nerdy) and decided to whip up some ice cream—the caveat being that I don’t have an ice cream maker.  So, I mixed up the ice cream ingredients and cea and I trudged over to lab for some “LN2.”  LN2 is apparently the gastronomy term for liquid N2.

I mixed together the ~3 C buttermilk with the remaining ~1/2 C cream and ~1/2 C milk.  Added in some powdered vanilla, from way back when msj lived with us, as well as ~1/4 C sugar.  The trick with liquid nitrogen ice cream is to add the nitrogen slowly and stir fast.  Though our bowl turned out to be a bit small for the job, the final product was rich and delicious.  Unfortunately, we didn’t add any salt and the leftovers that were stored in the freezer ended up hard and icy, so this might be something to improve for the future.  Regardless, the buttermilk added a really fun, culture flavor to the ice cream, almost like a frozen “yogurt.”  Yum!


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