Fall tomato soup + grilled cheese sandwiches

The fresh heirloom tomatoes at the USQ farmers’ market were irrisistable—time for some always satisfying tomato soup with grilled cheese.

Based on our previous attempts at tomato soup, we threw this one together without a real recipe.  We started with ~3 pounds of tomatoes: the yellow and orange ones from the famous tomato stand with heirloom varieties at the farmers’ market and the red ones from another stand also at the farmers’ market.  We roasted them in quarters along with an onion and a couple CSA garlic cloves.

We threw it all in a pot with vegetable broth and let it cook together.  We seasoned with a bay leaf, CSA dried savory, and s&p.  It was pureed with the hand blender and finished with a touch of cream.  The final product was sweet but not too heavy.

The grilled cheese was comprised of farmers’ market whole wheat sourdough and farmer’s cheese from the great mozarella cheese stand (a kind often used for melting on rarebit).  The sandwich may look dry in the photo but the cheese was bold and juicy inside—what a comforting meal.


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