Ad-lib pasta with veggies & ricotta


With USQ Farmer’s Market ricotta in hand, we threw together an addictingly good and simple pasta dinner.


We sauteed USQ Farmer’s Market mushrooms in butter.  Meanwhile, water was boiled to blanch CSA kale and then cook spaghetti.  We added frozen peas to the mushrooms, and added the cooked, chopped kale and some cream (~3/4 C).  The veggies and pasta (with a bit of remaining pasta water) were tossed together and heated through to thicken.  We served it up and topped with the fresh ricotta (not knowing how much would balance out the veggies)…turns out our 7oz tub was perfect for the box of pasta and accompanying veggies and the rest was mixed into the pot.  The ricotta melted nicely and added a wonderful richness to the pasta.  This would work for a variety of veggies, but the kale was especially satisfying and maybe more mushrooms next time (or always!)….  I can’t wait to have the leftovers for lunch tomorrow (topped with a little more cream to keep it moist in the microwave).


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