Celery root bisque with croutons

Celery root bisque with croutonsWe needed to find a good use for our CSA celery root (celeriac), so we found this recipe for a pureed celery root and potato bisque.  With home-made croutons and buckwheat kasha, it was a great meal.

We sautéed celery, onion (replacing the shallots), celery root cubes, and potato; added chicken broth and spices (thyme, white pepper, black pepper, salt), cooked, then pureed with a hand blender.

We added home-made croutons.  We took frozen sesame seed buns and cubed them (check out this 1965 tip, courtesy of Google News), then tossed them with olive oil, thyme, white pepper, and allspice.  We stuck them in the oven at 325 °F, and they were done in 15–20 minutes.

Thyme croutons

To go with the soup, we made some kasha (buckwheat, or гречневая каша): one cup buckwheat, one cup (the remainder of the) chicken stock, half a cup water, simmer covered for ~10 minutes, add a slice of butter and stir.  This completes the meal!

гречневая каша


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