Broccoli, mushroom, cheese quiche

QuicheMy first quiche was a broccoli and cheese quiche, which we named “Quiche à la Woman on the Upper West Side”—after a kind woman who helped us out in the store, and wrote out a quiche recipe for us while waiting in line.  This quiche used CSA broccoli and Union Square Greenmarket mushrooms.

We used a pre-made pie crust, which we filled with steamed broccoli and mushrooms sautéed in butter.

Quiche fillingsWe whisked together 5 Greenmarket eggs, 1–2 tbsp flour, and about a half cup of cream and milk; we grated in even amounts of cheddar and Gruyère.  We added rosemary, nutmeg, salt, and pepper, and poured the mixture into the crust.  After about 40 minutes in the oven at 325 ºF, the quiche was ready!

Full quiche

Quiche on plate


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