Addicted: Kale and Lentil Pasta

Lentil kale pasta on plate

So, it’s about time that I share one of my recent favorites…somehow healthy and satisfying and so simple!


Sauté onions until caramelized; boil water to blanch kale and then cook pasta; simmer lentils — combine, toss with olive oil, and enjoy!  I’m sure this recipe could be messed with quite a bit, but when I love all of these ingredients (caramelized onions! i know! i’m growing up!), especially together, I just haven’t ventured away from the recipe as written.  I do swear by using good table olive oil (like our favorite) as it provides a special richness to the finished product!


2 Responses to Addicted: Kale and Lentil Pasta

  1. […] Dessert! We had the distinct pleasure of hosting amd for dinner….and DESSERT!  What a treat! Being that she’s a baking pro (yes, we’re trying to embarrass her), she introduced us to one of her favorite desserts: almond tart.  Originally from a chef at Chez Panisse, the recipe we used was published on a blog; while the dessert is challenging, the recipe was presented with enough detail to address any possible pitfalls.  Well, that and we had the experienced amd guiding the way   Since we wanted to focus on the dessert making, we decided to whip up a favorite of our own for dinner: lentil kale pasta. […]

  2. […] to use up some Swiss chard as well.  After thinking about the delicious kale-lentil pasta that we often rave about, we decided to try a variation on the theme, using bulgur and […]

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