Kabocha and collards curry

Kabocha and collards curry

Turns out kabocha squash gets its Asian name for a reason (Japanese for pumpkin).   We found it delicious, especially when farm fresh and mixed with other fall vegetables in a rich green curry.

We had some inspiration for this dish, but turned it into our own creation with CSA kabocha, collard greens, and thai basil, as well as some tofu.  The kabocha was rich and stood up really well in the spicy curry sauce.  The thai basil was key—I never before realized how much flavor it brings just on its own!  I used canned green curry paste which is the best in flavor and spice of any I’ve tried yet and really popped with the addition of fish sauce and brown sugar, as suggested (even without the other ingredients suggested).  All in all, this was hugely successful and I would make it all the time if only kabocha squash was always around….

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