Fried Rice


Turns out we had lots of green vegetables to use up…that all go wonderfully in fried rice.  AND, this was the first round of fried rice where my cast iron wok worked as intended — no sticking eggs or veggies or rice and no need for tons of oil or butter — Success!

We sauteed tofu in oil, sesame oil, and soy sauce and then removed the tofu and scrambled eggs in the remaining oil mix.  Similarly, we sauteed onion, celery, green and purple peppers, and of course more cabbage until soft, adding frozen peas just before the end.  Cooked rice was added and mixed as it fried in the wok (so awesome when it works!) and finally the eggs and tofu were added until warm.  Surprisingly, the monotone-green-theme was quite pretty, and as expected, fried rice with eggs and cabbage always seems to work out well =)


This was delicious served with a little rooster sauce!

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